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Get Ready to Get Ripped.

Circuit Training is by far the my favorite way of getting my clients the results they want, and I’m thrilled to share this workout with you!

Please grab a couple of light weights, a Pilates ball or Yoga block, your mat, some water, and a towel. If you’re strapped for time you can complete the entire thing in about 20 minutes, or repeat 2-3 for a 40 or 60 minute workout. We’ll do 3 circuits that cover your entire body, legs, core, shoulders, and get your heart rate up, for a great overall-burn and energy boost.

This is a Barre-inspired sculpt that will train some of the muscles we need MOST, and sometimes forget about!

* That being said, I do Not Recommend this for Pregnancy or early Postpartum. If this is your season, please visit and select Prenatal or Postpartum in my drop-down menu and there are plenty of workouts for you to try! *

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